/Decentralized AI Network SingularityNET Launches Developer Portal

Decentralized AI Network SingularityNET Launches Developer Portal

Artificial Intelligence (AI) network SingularityNET has unveiled a developer portal that will “enable developers to discover, learn and adopt” the first decentralized artificial intelligence network in the world.

On the portal guides, tutorials and other detailed resources on how to make use of the SingularityNET platform will be provided. This is expected to allow just about anyone to create, share and monetize artificial intelligence services at scale. Developers will also be able to offer feedback on the new resource.

Committed to democratizing AI, the SingularityNET Developer Portal will accommodate a wide array of programming languages. This will include C++, Java, Python, Go, Ruby, C#, Node.js, Android Java, Objective-C, PHP and Haskell.

All Corners of the World

According to the CEO and chief scientist of SingularityNET, Dr. Ben Goertzel, developers will be key in helping democratize and decentralize artificial intelligence as the sector is currently dominated by a few firms in the West. Per Goertzel, the safest and the most productive approach is to ensure that AI development is as’ globally inclusive and participatory as possible’.

With this in mind the decentralized AI firm has ensured that its developer presence is spread across the major continents, as a statement revealed:

To that end, SingularityNET has developers working on AI in 10 countries: Belgium, Ethiopia, New Zealand, Romania, the U.S., Brazil, China, Russia, Bulgaria, and the Netherlands. Additional developer workshops are scheduled for 2019 and new developers are invited to take advantage of the new Developer Portal.

Inaugural Developer Workshop

Recently, SingularityNET held its inaugural developer workshop in Helsinki, Finland managing to attract more than 250 developers. The inaugural workshop covered topics such as integrating artificial intelligence agents into the platform architecture of SingularityNET as well as deep neural networks and the OpenCog cognitive architecture with a view of constructing specific artificial intelligence agents doing visual question answering.

The launch of the SingularityNET Developer Portal comes less than two months since the government of Malta selected the decentralized AI firm to contribute in drafting the island country’s National Artificial Intelligence strategy. In this regard, one of the first responsibilities SingularityNET was involved in was creating a Robot Citizenship Test for Malta. At the time, SingularityNET expressed hope that the test would serve as a blueprint for other countries:

The citizenship test would serve as a basis for benevolent robots amongst us, allowing them to pass the test and be considered for citizenship with the possibility of being refused entry. The research and development of the Robot Citizenship Test will eventually lead the way for other countries seeking to develop an AI strategy of their own.

SingularityNET’s CEO, Dr. Ben Goertzel, recently appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience and gave an in-depth discussion of AI and his company’s goals.

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