/Bitcoin Exchange HBUS Continues Comedic Billboard Campaign

Bitcoin Exchange HBUS Continues Comedic Billboard Campaign

HBUS, the exclusive US partner of massive Asian exchange Huobi, continued its funny billboard campaign this week with a new installment.

The new billboard depicts an aged man and reads:

Who says crypto is stressful? I’m 28 and I feel fine.

It then encourages the viewer to enjoy stress-free trading at HBUS, which still has a couple weeks of fee-free trading left to encourage new users to try them out. As previously reported, they opted to cut fees out entirely for the remainder of 2018 earlier this year.

Located at 3rd and Jessie in San Francisco

The billboard is located at the busy intersection of 3rd and Jessie in San Francisco, in the financial district. Like their previous billboard, it is intended to be lighthearted. It is also timely: recent trends in crypto trading could certainly stress anyone out, with volatility driving the price wherever it feels like. On that note, the price recovered a bit in the past 24 hours, seeing a bump to almost $4,000 at one point, prompting CCN analysts to call for long positions in most cases.

Harkens Back to Funny Campaigns of Old

Frank Fu, the CEO of HBUS, said in a press release:

HBUS is committed to providing an easy-to-use experience for our customers when they trade on our digital asset marketplace. With the holiday season, it’s important for people to focus on spending time with their families and having a stress-free holiday season.

HBUS’ creative director Laurel Hodge pointed out that HBUS is intentionally taking a unique approach to marketing, saying:

Self-aware, irreverent humor isn’t an approach often used by financial institutions. HBUS is a forging a new path with a bold, unapologetic personality.

Such strategies have been successful for other firms in the past. The E-Trade campaigns come to mind:

Featured image from Shutterstock. Billboard picture from HBUS.

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