/What Year is it? Rebecca Black Parody Pumps Bitcoin Black Friday

What Year is it? Rebecca Black Parody Pumps Bitcoin Black Friday

rebecca black bitcoin black fridayrebecca black bitcoin black friday

It may have been elicited reactions varying from mild amusement to death threats, but Rebecca Black’s “Friday” released in 2011 certainly got eyeballs — more than 127 million at last count.

Whether it was outraged cultural commentators, 4chan jesters, or curious viewers, all views count, and a YouTuber called Crypto Finally is using the same strategy to promote crypto firm BitPay as a mainstream payment solution. Titled “BitPay – Black Friday Bitcoin Song,” the video is racking up a moderate amount of interest ahead of the annual post-Thanksgiving sale known as Black Friday.

‘Get With The Program!’

While the video adopts a decidedly slapstick method of passing across its message, its target audience is not in any doubt, with millennials clearly targeted throughout its three minutes, with several written messages like “Get with the program!” “Everyone’s adopting bitcoin,” “Fiat losers,” and “Don’t be a weirdo” appearing periodically. Interestingly, Crypto Finally is not affiliated with BitPay but created the video as part of an independent campaign to encourage bitcoin adoption ahead of Black Friday.

While the video has not achieved anything close to Rebecca Black-levels of attention, it is certain to generate a reaction within the crypto space, with a stamp of approval from BitPay itself.

Reacting to the video in the comment section through its official YouTube account, BitPay said:

“Whoa! We love this, and we are beyond flattered. We’re so happy that you’ve had a chance to use the card to shop at more places that are a little behind on the tech adoption curve 😉 We’d say you’ve topped Rebecca Black, and with any luck, Black Friday will be a win for everyone in this video. Look for an email from us! We’d love to get in touch and send you a gift to thank you.”

Crypto Adoption among Younger Investors Grows

A few days ago, CCN reported that investment bank Piper Jaffray published research showing that American teenagers are now beginning to prefer cryptocurrency and Fortnite V-bucks to gift cards and fiat currency on their Christmas wish lists. At a time when crypto markets are taking a beating, such data along with cultural anecdotes like Finally Crypto’s Friday parody provide much-needed perspective regarding the probable long-term prognosis of crypto.

The positive conclusion is supported by a recent research report carried out by Deidre Campbell, Global Chair of Financial Services at Edelman. In the report, it was revealed that more than 55 percent of millennials have already invested or are planning to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Featured Image from Rebecca Black/YouTube

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