/Greg Maxwell: Bitcoin SV Maybe the Real Fake Bitcoin – But Who Cares?

Greg Maxwell: Bitcoin SV Maybe the Real Fake Bitcoin – But Who Cares?

Greg Maxwell made headlines recently when an e-mail he’d sent to “Fake Satoshi” Craig S. Wright was revealed to the public.

Parts of the e-mail were published on CoinGeek. Maxwell is quoted as saying:

I believe it would be adverse for interests that concern me if your influence or prominence in BCH were in any way diminished. I am not aware of how I could be of aid in repairing this situation, but it seemed to me that it would be prudent to at least offer my discreet assistance.

Here he demonstrates the principal – the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Cornell professor and frequent Bitcoin commentator Emin Gün Sirer, who has been in favor of Bitcoin Cash from early on, did not initially believe that the e-mail exchange had ever taken place.

However, Maxwell confirmed the e-mail in a Bitcointalk post saying:

lol what. Craig Wright and Roger Ver are both conmen. Coingeek is a conman shilling platform, and their claim that [I have] “come to the realization that Bitcoin SV is the real Bitcoin,” is malicious whole cloth fabrication. Now, Is “Bitcoin SV” the real fake bitcoin (bch)? Maybe but who cares.

I think it’s unfortunate that Wright’s over the top mania is causing dissension in his bamboozled army, as having a scam run by an obvious scammer is a win-win… but it seems that there is nothing to be done for it now, the psychosis is just too strong now.

“The Psychosis Is Just Too Strong Now”

The Bitcoin Cash fork in and of itself was initially dismissed by “Bitcoin maximalists” as being unviable and doomed to long-term failure. After the initial launch of the chain and trading activity which indicated it was worth as much as 10% of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash went through a mild depression before picking up again.

The recent debates and news of yet another hard fork have driven trading and consequent price rises have ensued. If prices hold, someone with Bitcoin Cash holdings could at least double their overall holdings in terms of USD or BTC value at the time of the fork. However, the market will then have its way with all three tokens, and there’s only at any one time so much capital in the market for experimental forks.

Maxwell would like to see the status quo of Bitcoin Cash continue, with Craig Wright at the helm. As he admits in his Bitcoin Talk post, this is because “having a scam run by an obvious scammer is a win-win.”

The use of the term “scammer” in regards to Craig Wright is a source of consternation. It could be a reference to the ongoing lawsuit by the estate of Dave Kleiman, but it’s more likely a general aspersion to the people behind the Bitcoin Cash fork as a whole. For his part, Maxwell is not a fan of any of them. For that matter, they are not generally fans of his, either, and the CoinGeek narrative of the story – in which they twist Maxwell’s words such that he has “seen the light” is representative of the views held by that group.

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