/This Kid Has Been Begging For A Bitcoin For Over 15,000 Tweets

This Kid Has Been Begging For A Bitcoin For Over 15,000 Tweets

Begging in the Bitcoin world is nothing new. Go to any gambling site or even some exchange troll boxes, and you will find people asking for Bitcoin. Look at any Tweet by a major Bitcoin personality, and you will find people asking for Bitcoin. Go to any forum, Reddit related to cryptocurrency, or anything else of that nature, and you will find the same.

This reporter has occasionally seen such people who consistently beg for cryptos referred to as “begshits” or “trolls.” The negative connotation is not without merit. After all, there are plenty of ways to get crypto without buying it or even really working for it.

Twitter Person Spams User for Free BTC Over 15,000 Tweets

This Twitter account, which is likely powered by a script of some sort, has spammed “BeastGangPaulers” for crypto consistently, at least once an hour, often twice per hour, for the entirety of this year. As a result, he has nearly 16,000 tweets dedicated to the purpose. They all read the same:

Hey its the top of the hour time to beg mrbeastyt for a bitcoin. Pls give me a bitcoin or Its 30 minutes past the hour time to beg mrbeastyt for a bitcoin.

Presumably the user in question, YouTube gaming star Mr. Beast, who has more than 12 million subscribers on the video sharing platform and over half a million Twitter followers, has blocked the beggar, who does not tag him in the tweets. This is understandable, of course: being notified 15,000 times that someone wants you to give them a Bitcoin for free is not a pleasant user experience.

It seems perhaps the motive for the Twitter trolling account was born of a contest that MrBeast ran last year, which this other YouTuber says he won:

The address that @PlsGiveBitcoin would like a Bitcoin donated to has never received a single satoshi as of time of writing. Perhaps he’s hoping that in the spirit of Christmas, users might change this, as his Tweets show up if you search Bitcoin on Twitter (which is how this reporter came upon the scoop.)

Decentralized Video Sharing Sites Emerging

For his part, @MrBeastYT doesn’t seem to have ever acknowledged the request. According to his YouTube feed, however, he continues to give money away regularly, with videos like this:

YouTube continues to be the platform du jour for everyday people to go from video game addicts to live streaming sensations, and the like.

Perhaps in the future a decentralized version will emerge which builds in some equitable money-making scheme. An effort in this direction is called D.Tube, which is built on Steem.

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