/HBUS Launches Crypto Billboard Campaign Mocking Coinbase And Wall Street

HBUS Launches Crypto Billboard Campaign Mocking Coinbase And Wall Street


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The newer HBUS cryptocurrency exchange has taken its message to the streets with a new billboard campaign.

According to a blog post by the exchange themselves, they are the first in the nation to do this, and we find nothing to the contrary. However, there have been other Bitcoin-related billboard campaigns, like the one Genesis Mining ran to troll Warren Buffet.

First Exchange in the US to Do Billboard Campaign

The billboard slogan is “Evolved Crypto Trading” and pokes fun at Coinbase and Wall Street, illustrating that they are less evolved than HBUS. Wall Street is depicted as the primate level of crypto trading while Coinbase is shown as Homo erectus.

courtesy: HBUS

HBUS is the exclusive US partner of Huobi, a massive Asian exchange which consistently finds itself in the global top 10 by volume. At time of writing, it was 4th over the last 24 hours. HBUS had done almost $400,000 over the past 24 hours at time of writing. To stimulate trading on the exchange, they are eliminating trading fees for the remainder of the year.

No Fees For The Rest of 2018

We decided to launch this campaign, because no U.S.-based digital currency exchange has done a campaign like this before. The industry has seen its share of “online” gimmicks and we just wanted to get back to some of the basics of advertising that continue to play a major role in brand awareness and credibility. San Francisco is at the heart of the technological revolution and of technological “evolution”.

Crypto is in desperate need of a revitalization in trading. Many smaller traders have been washed out by the downturn that’s taken place throughout 2018. As HBUS CEO Frank Fru says:

There’s no question that digital assets have taken its share of hits this year. We wanted to give crypto traders a break when it comes to the high fees they regularly have to pay when trading on other exchanges. It’s time American traders are given freedom and more options when it comes to what they want to buy when it comes to digital assets.

HBUS does not have the full range that some exchanges, like Montana-based Poloniex, which is owned by Arizona-based Circle, but if traders are able to take advantage of it without paying fees, there’s certainly a benefit to that. The exchange does have a variety of markets including all of the major pairs that people look for. No word yet on what Coinbase, also based in San Francisco, will do in response.

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